How We Got Here

"My dreams were always of the sea.

Born in the middle of an incredibly hot Greek summer,

sea and sun blended naturally into my skin.

Blue waters are my soul therapy.

Sea salt is what I always crave.

Winter is never an option."

This is the context in which Nymphē’s swimwear and beachwear lines were born.

Designed with love and great respect for quality and detail, Nymphē swimwear longs to touch the hearts of all Nymphs at heart, whether they live by the sea, rivers or lakes.

So... what kind of Nymphē are you?

Valia Georgiadi

Designed lovingly in Greece, made with the best quality fabrics and embellished with traditional accessories made by the local communities of our islands.

We use interesting geometrical forms and patterns, to ensure that our products have the best fit in different body types. We want women to feel confident and sexy. Nobody wants extra worries on the beach!

So grab a Nymphē Swimwear suit and feel the sun on your skin.

Blue waters await you.